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- Our

At JRC we aim to extract the best of each one of us. That is why we have a team committed to and passionate about excellence, which responds to the goals of the organization with human quality, technical rigorousness and teamwork spirit.

We ensure the quality of life and loyalty of our collaborators, thus generating a workplace according to their needs and life stages.

- Safety

JRC’s safety management is everyone’s responsibility and a priority in which our senior management and all employees are involved in, including subcontractors.

All of this has required the establishment and strict compliance of the highest safety, health and quality standards. We develop our projects risk prevention measures to ensure the well-being and integrity of our employees. At JRC, our safety is our family’s happiness.

- Social

We are committed to contributing to the strengthening of relations with the communities in the areas around our operations, generating favorable conditions that stimulate and reinforce their development. For them, we work on strategies that help generate jobs for the community.

The first step is to provide them with adequate training to strengthen their skills and competencies, which would ensure that we carry out a job that meets our safety standards.

Likewise, as part of the work philosophy of our clients and always in coordination with them, we have been working on long-term projects such as the formation of micro-businesses for various goods and services that are generated within the community itself.

- Environmental

At JRC we are committed to clean production through the prevention and mitigation of the impacts associated with our activities. In this way, we enhance positive impacts to promote effective gains in environmental quality.

Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint and to protect today’s environment and that of future generations. For that purpose, we are committed to responsible environmental management that encourages us to improve our performance.

At JRC we are driven by a common purpose of extracting the best of each one of us.

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