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- Services for the most complex challenges

We partner with clients to face their most complex challenges and pioneer innovative solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on the industry and society.

Our public and private sector clients count on us to provide them professional specialized services throughout the entire project life cycle, from, planning, development and engineering to consulting and construction management.

–Integral Operations in Underground Mining

Prospection, exploration, mechanized mining that include the entire process from development, preparation, crosscuts, bypasses, loading chambers.

Tunnel exploration.

Light (Roof Bolts, shotcrete, simple and double mesh, cable bolting) and heavy (Norwegian Arches, steel arches, complements) roof control.

Exploitation with diverse methods (Sublevel Stoping, Overhand Cut and fill, Block Caving, among others).

Waste, ore, fill transport, among others. (With 6x4, 8x4 dump trucks, scooptrams, and semi-trailer trucks of different capacities).

Concrete supply with own plant for roof control, or civil works, that includes mix design, dose, preparation, transport and application/pouring.

General services (ranging from ventilation, electrical installations and auxiliary services to road maintenance, etc).

–Integral Operations in Surface Mining

Access construction and rehabilitation of working fronts.

Drilling and blasting.

Ore and waste loading and transport.

Maintenance of roads and waste disposal facilities.

Roof control with bolts, shotcrete and mesh.

–Massive earthworks, and concrete works and infrastructure

Massive earthworks.

Access roads and early works.

Tailing dam construction.

Concrete supply of different strengths

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